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Stop Judging Lindsay

by on July 7, 2010


Seeing the photos of Lindsay Lohan in the courtroom yesterday reminded me of that low day in 2006 when Mr. Trump found out about my substance abuse issues. I felt ashamed and humiliated about my behavior but in the strangest way I also felt relieved. I didn’t have to hide it anymore.

It’s not my place to label anyone as an addict, but if Lindsay suffers from the same disease I have battled, I really hope that she takes this court-ordered sentence as an opportunity to get the relief she needs. Like most addicts, I was resistant to treatment at first – but the time I spent at Caron gave me the tools I use daily to manage my life in a healthy way.

I really encourage everyone following this story not to judge Lindsay but instead to see her as a friend or sister who may be sick and possibly needs to take an important step out of the spotlight and into a place of healing and recovery.

Tara Conner is a Public Advocacy Consultant for Caron Treatment Centers and was Miss USA 2006.


  • polly kahl said on July 12, 2010

    Good job, Tara. It’s too bad the tabloids don’t understand this. But then they wouldn’t be able to sell any magazines, would they? Compassion just doesn’t sell. Keep up the great work. I am proud of you.

  • Todd Jaffe said on July 13, 2010

    I know I commented on the story, especially after seeing the mean spirited comments on the website. The biggest obstacle, in my opinion, that faces celebrities and professionals with addiction is getting humility. As a professional I was fortunate to be so beaten down I realized I was not all powerful. Celebrities are every day told in so many ways how fantastic they are, humility comes hard. I wish Lindsey the very best, and may God grant her the humility to accept that which she cannot change, one of those things being a member of the club, and on this side of the illness it is not a bad club to be in.

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