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Sharing Gratitude During Recovery Month

by on September 8, 2010


As September is Recovery Month, I find it necessary to express my gratitude for what sobriety has done for me and my journey of life. Walking into Caron I had no idea of the transformation that was to come.

I was beaten down, broken, a scared little girl. Today, three years and eight months later, I am a strong, independent hope-filled woman who carries herself with dignity and grace through all of the ups and downs that come with being a dignified sober woman.

The tools that Caron shared gave me the strength and ability to not only survive in this world without my old crutches, but also to live a life full of love, hope, and esteem. All of which are words that I could never identify with when I was out there on the run all alone.

I am deeply moved as I am writing this because I have found a family at Caron and have formed deep rooted relationships that I never knew existed. I thank God everyday for the life I have been given in sobriety.

The “one day at a time” process truly works if the willingness is there. For today, I pray for the willingness to keep sobriety my number one priority and hope to never forget and let go that old self that came into treatment secretly begging for answers to my unknown disease. There is a solution! And I have found that thanks to Caron!

To all, be well and blessed in everything you do.

Tara Conner is a Public Advocacy Consultant for Caron Treatment Centers and was Miss USA 2006.


  • Todd Whitmer said on September 9, 2010

    Thanks Tara – your comment; “out there on the run alone” I can so relate! And what a diference today. Happy Recovery Month to all! Todd

  • Kain said on March 16, 2014

    I didn’t believe in sobriety that much really.. and after all what I’ve read about how amazingly and incredibly your life will change, I just didn’t buy it all!

    But now, now I do believe, and all what it really takes is just a leap of faith, being strong and have patient.. and believe that it actually worth it.. It really really worth it! : )

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