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Prescription Drug Overdoses On The Rise

by on January 26, 2011

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I recently learned that prescription drug overdoses are up 150 percent in Texas. This alarming trend speaks to the important need for continued education about the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

Taken under strict supervision by a doctor – prescription drugs may significantly help a person’s health condition. However, many people from teens to baby boomers mistakenly believe that since these drugs are FDA approved there’s no harm in taking one from a friend or taking more than the doctor has prescribed.

In fact, for many people who become addicted to prescription drugs, the addiction can start as innocently as taking a child’s stimulant medication to get through the day. I’ve seen people spiral out of control to the point where they are getting prescription drugs illegally and in great danger of dying from an overdose.

What I most want families to understand is that nobody becomes addicted to prescription drugs – or any substance for that matter – intentionally. But if you suspect your friend or loved one may have a problem – it’s likely not going to go away on its own. The sooner they identify a treatment solution the more likely they can find a path to recovery.

Here are some questions that may help you clarify your concern about a loved one’s behavior:

For more information, make sure to watch a special report about the rise of prescription drug overdoses with Meredith Land of NBC 5 in Dallas — tonight (1/26) at 10 p.m. CT.  You can also learn more about this important issue and how to help yourself or a loved one by visiting Caron Texas online. (We will also post a link to the segment on our website once it becomes available).

Dr. Ann Miller is the Executive Director of Caron Texas.

1 Comment

  • Opiate Addiction said on May 30, 2011

    People usually are not aware that some prescription drugs, especially opiates, can be very addicting.

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