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Celebrating Four Years of Sobriety

by on January 10, 2011


On December 11th of 2010 I celebrated my 4th anniversary!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

I remember realizing during my first year of sobriety that I was powerless over alcohol and drugs. Everyday my goal was for the obsession to go away. I would pray myself to sleep at night because my hamster wheel would spin and spin with thoughts that I couldn’t control.

My second year was spent reviewing my inventory and working on those nasty little character defects that I didn’t realize made my head spin at night.

At the beginning of my third year, I was thinking I had this thing under control and began to slowly take my will back. I was still sober but I wound up being flat broke without a home. (So quickly we forget). This was my hardest year with some of my greatest lessons.

What I learned was to treat my life outside of the rooms the same way I did inside. I swallowed my pride and took a real job. I surrounded myself with positive influential people. I applied the principles of recovery to every aspect of my life.

I slowly but surely rebuilt my life from the ground up by doing estimable work and estimable actions.

Sobriety is a gift. It is a gift that we have to recognize and work on every single day. This disease is cunning, baffling, and powerful in so many ways.

I have to remember that once I put down the drug and drink the disease is still there. I am powerless over people, places and things as well and they can take me down just as quickly if I don’t continue to be of service, check in with my sponsor daily, go to meetings, and keep my side of the street clean.

During the darkest moments of my last year I can say that Faith carried me through all of it. I thank God everyday for every blessing and lesson that I am taught throughout my journey. I may not understand them when they are happening. But can see that my path is more beautiful with each challenge that I face.

My hope for everyone today is to take challenges on as opportunities. I find that when I am in the solution all things are good.

Thank you God. Thank you Caron. And thank you to all of those who helped me become the woman I am today.

Tara Conner is a Public Advocacy Consultant for Caron Treatment Centers and the former Miss USA 2006.


  • Brian said on January 11, 2011

    Congrats on 4 Years, what a miracle

  • Jan said on January 29, 2011

    Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story. Our family is struggling with our son’s addiction and it is just devastating in so many ways. We hope and pray that he will find the peace you have found.

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